Welcome…to Your Sacred Journey

“This knowledge, the true record of our time on Earth, is written in the land, and we must learn the language used by our ancestors before we can understand it.

Language is deeply rooted in the land, and we should hear the messages encoded in the shape and the structure of the landscape, punctuated so dramatically by the enigmatic monuments and sacred sites built by those who understand its sentient qualities. These places are often linked to death, yet the death we speak of here is not the mere cessation of life, but as the Druids and early Christians believed, the demise of that part of us which is cast off when we rise above our lower nature.

Then we assume our rightful place in the world, not as vanquishers of our fellow creatures but as co-creators or co-creatures recognising our common destiny. “

Paul Broadhurst, the Secret Land

All of us have one Soul (or Sacred) contract in common at the moment; we have all chosen to be incarnated on Planet Earth at this special time of change.

Are you here to merely observe the change or is your contract something more than that? To a greater or lesser degree we all participate in raising the vibration of the Earth simply by being here and continuing to raise our own individual awareness.

However, many of us are here to do even more than that and to work more intimately with the planet, as well as with its people. Some of us are drawn to specific energy points and well (or lesser) known sacred sites around the UK, Europe and other parts of the World to carry out some of this “work”.

Are you one of those people who is here to work on a deeper level with the planet. Are you listening to the messages within yourself, are you getting the correct messages and if you are here to carry out this kind of role, what is it that you do when you get there?

If you are one of those people, then maybe you should have a look through this website in more detail.

“….the time is now ….”