About Us

“This knowledge, the true record of our time on Earth, is written in the land, and we must learn the language used by our ancestors before we can understand it.

Language is deeply rooted in the land, and we should hear the messages encoded in the shape and the structure of the landscape, punctuated so dramatically by the enigmatic monuments and sacred sites built by those who understand its sentient qualities. These places are often linked to death, yet the death we speak of here is not the mere cessation of life, but as the Druids and early Christians believed, the demise of that part of us which is cast off when we rise above our lower nature.

Then we assume our rightful place in the world, not as vanquishers of our fellow creatures but as co-creators or co-creatures recognising our common destiny. “

Paul Broadhurst, the Secret Land

The idea behind ” Awakening Your Secret Journey” is exactly as Paul Broadhust describes above – we are remembering the language that our ancestors (and our past incarnations) used. In that sense, we are all students…two of the students behind this website, the workshops and the field trips are…

Doug Buckingham – is an eternal student of Life, the Universe and Everything After…. He is also a trainer for the Regression Academy, a workshop presenter at the School of Intuition & Healing, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnosis Trainer, Regression & Life Between Lives Therapist and an Aura Soma practitioner. His desire to work with the planet has gathered impetus as a result of real life experiences, Life between Lives sessions, channelled readings, dreams and his own inner tuition.



Chrissie Martin – practices the healing and balancing arts of Sound/Gong Healing,Reflexology and Reiki and is an excellent Tarot reader. She is also an Advanced Moon Mother and offers Womb Blessings (female energy awakening system) and Womb Healing (female energy balancing) which supports women to live in tune with their feminine energy, menstrual cycles, menopause and to celebrate being female. She is also a Reiki Teacher, facilitates Women’s Wisdom & Healing Circles and can also be found playing African drums with Malcolm Smith of Drumming Is Fun.




Jen Treanor – is a Regression Therapist, Eriksonian Hypnotherapist, Life Between Lives Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. From a clinical background Jen worked for 10 years as a mental health nurse. She is now enjoying training to become a certified trainer within the Regression Academy and runs regular workshops in Regression and LBL in London and throughout Scotland. She has contributed to the WHG magazine and has a private practice near Glasgow in Scotland.

“….the time is now ….”