What People Say About This Work/These Trips

Journeying to sacred sites for one and two day adventures has been so exciting, such fun, so uplifting – and that’s before adding into the mix my personal, unexpected and awesome energetic experiences – within a joyous company of fellow travellers. To sense atmospheres, to meditate with others among charged landscapes and sacred buildings, is so lovingly powerful. To know that we are contributing to clearing and re-energising the land and sacred sites while also experiencing the continual gift of high order energies is simply fabulous. I thank the drivers and everyone for their contributions. Doug and Jen, thank-you for the beginning and Doug, huge appreciation, for your boundless energy when journeying as well as offering added extra moments showing and sharing natural healing techniques . Exploration, in the broadest sense. Elizabeth

“I have been on several of Doug’s trips before and always look forward to these trips. To me they are fun magical adventures and since I have a passion for photography, it’s always exciting to be able to capture something new.

I love meeting wonderful like minded souls and watching the synchronicity unfold as we allow ourselves to trust and let go. I am very grateful to be part of Doug’s trips. To me he is the ‘Wisdom Teacher’ sharing all he knows about the places we visit and on personal level he has supported my development and growth as I learn to trust in my own intuition so I can help others through their journeys. Each group member from each trip has been instrumental to my growth and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it all. It’s only just dawned on me of the magnitude of the work we are doing not only for ourselves but for the planet. I feel that my connection with the earth is becoming much deeper as I am remembering what I am here to do. If this is ‘work’ – I love my job!!”


thank you for organising this trip and bringing the group together, I feel my connection with the planet has deepened profoundly and my connection with the group was just lovely. Sam

Amazing journey for me. Being with a group of wonderful souls who see life as a spiritual journey … and with that consciousness make it one! I benefited not only from the time we spent at the sites but from the gift of each participant’s presence. Doug is a wonderful facilitator very much in tune with the heart and needs of the group… as well as knowing many interesting facts about the sites. Lisa


This was my first journey and although I knew I had a duty to do, I didn’t know what the journey would behold. First and foremost I found myself in the company of beautiful souls with open hearts. It felt safe to be me. The journey was more than i could have imagined. I saw some amazing places, felt incredible energy and experienced something that cannot be put in to words. I would advise anyone who feels their work here is to share in the raising of the planets vibration, to awaken them selves by participating in these journeys. The fire in my belly is firmly lit and there is more work to do. I hope to meet you on a journey soon. Graeme

As the Universe changed all my previously booked plans to ensure I could attend the Sacred Journey to West Wales, I observed with fascination and amusement! It was obviously a trip I was being encouraged and guided spiritually to be on!
I have been on several of Doug’s trips before so had high expectations of extraordinary experiences occurring, and my expectations were completely exceeded with two full days of visits to spectacular high energy sacred sites, beautiful company with very special soul brothers and sisters, a superb B&B, many deep and enlightening group meditations and the highlight for me was a constellation event high up on Llansteffan Castle overlooking the sea on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, where we represented various co-ordinating places in both Wales and Cornwall, facilitated great healing in Dunster Castle in Somerset allowing for the needed freeing and further awakening of Stone Henge – simply incredible! Thank you Doug for organising another Sacred Journey and Lily for all the spectacular photo’s
These trips have to be experienced to appreciate the magic that takes place – hope to meet you there!
Hazel – Bristol www.radiantsouls.co.uk