Royston Cave Visit

Sunday 12th February 2017 at Royston, Herts – 11am

As part of our journey along the crossing points of the Michael & Mary Lines, we are going to have a private tour of the curious subterranean cave at Royston. Discovered in 1742 beneath the road, the cave has a large collection of strange carvings. There are no local stories of this place existing prior to its discovery, which suggests it was a highly secret place and perhaps this reason it is often connected with the Knights Templar.

What’s also very interesting is that this cave sits on one of the crossing points of the Michael & Mary and it is also sitting on zero degrees meridian (aka the Axis Mundi). Nobody quite knows what this means, however it does lend to the belief that this cave and its location would have been of some considerable significance to its creators.

Our trip to Royston cave takes place at 11am on Sunday 12th February – the trip is led by an official guide and lasts one hour.

Afterwards, we will have a cup of tea in a local cafe to discuss our findings, intuitions or speculations after the cave visit.

Your investment for this trip is £10 (to help to cover the cost of the private guided visit) and you can pay that here – advance booking only please

Love & Gratitude