Sacred Wales & Mary Magdalene 21-22nd July 2012

Sacred Wales & Mary Magdalene 21-22nd July 2012

I have been working for some years with an “energy” that has presented herself to me as Mary Magdalene and it is that energy which has often guided me on many of the Sacred Journeys so far. Whether that energy is “real”, archetypal, mythical or something that I haven’t thought of yet doesn’t really matter to me. What has been my experience is what matters to me and I do know that by listening to, being guided by and working with that “energy”, I have met some very lovely people, had some fascinating situations, visited some wonderful places, been a vessel for some fabulous work, progressed beautifully on my own journey, assisted others with theirs and had a fair bit of fun in the process.

My experiences have not been in isolation. I am aware of others who have been “called upon” , whether that’s in meditation, dreams, in everyday life, attention being drawn to certain books or films or similar, and of course there are no such things as accidents or coincidences in this Earthly realm. Everything is meant to be…why that is who knows. It’s a reasonably obvious conclusion, but I suspect that the Magdalene energy is presenting to many people at this time to address the balance in the masculine/feminine imbalance on our Planet and to assist us all with that journey from the head into the heart. And I believe that part of our collective journey in that respect is to work with the energies of our planet, sacred sites, energy lines and aids the ascension of its own energetic vibration by bringing our own heart centred energies to certain places on the planet.

There is a date in the Church calendar on July 22nd which is called Mary Magdalene day. Personally I am amused and ambivalent about the church and Mary Magdalene connection, however my attention has been drawn to that day and a specific field trip into “Mary Magdalene country” and we will honour that intuition.

So, we plan to go to South Wales on Saturday 21st July, for an overnight stay near to St. Clair and one of the two churches dedicated to MM. there is an interesting energetic configuration sitting in the land which is connected in some way with MM and we will make our own connections with that pathway.

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