There will be various “field trips/events” that will be posted here at reasonably regular intervals. At the current time of writing we have these trips coming up:


Royston Cave – February 12th 

Sinodun Castle (Oxfordshire) – February 14th

Trips for 2014

France – April 2014

Bosnian Pyramids – August 2014 – etheric planning stage


South Africa – Timbavati & Durban – working with the Giza line


Previous Trips in 2012

Cathar Country – Rennes le Chateau, Carcassone et al – Easter

Venus Transit – Wednesday 6-6-2012 at Avebury

Sacred Glastonbury – 11th July 2012

Sacred Wales & Mary Magdalene 21-22nd July 2012

Ring of Brodgar – September 2012

Stonehenge – 28th December 2012

Previous Trips in 2011

Callanish Stone Circle, Findhorn & Fortingall

At the present moment in time, there is no cost for these trips, however as you can probably appreciate there is a bit of organisation, and a lot of energetic preparation that goes into them and the energetic exchange does need to be honoured in some way. What has been suggested is that those wanting to come on these trips make a payment on a donation basis. The minimum donation is £1 and the maximum donation is £999 and anything in between is fine too. Donations can be paid by Paypal via the button on this page or directly to us by bank transfer.

Currently, the intention is that this is a non-profit making enterprise, and all donations will be caressed back into paying for the new website, financing books, CDs and Sacred journey administration time.

We’d love to hear from you, and if you would like to pass this website on to others, who you may feel may be interested, then please do so.

Please email for further information

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