Venus Transit 6th June 2012

Venus Transit – Wednesday 6-6-2012 at Avebury

Some suggest that Venus is the Higher Self of Earth, and as part of many of our journeys in this lifetime is to integrate and align with our own Higher Selves, then part of our journey on a collective/planetary level is to help the Earth integrate her own Higher Self. So this will be our intention for the day.

The Venus Transit takes place at a somewhat uncivilised hour on the 6th of June, however as time is of no challenge to us on a Soul Level, the intention is to honour the Venus Transit at 10am the following day. This will take place at Avebury Stone Circle in the morning for a group meditation, channelling, followed by group and personal exploring of the Avebury area. After lunch we will journey on a crop circle in the nearby area (via the Crop Circle café). There is likely to be a very appropriate crop circle for that day.

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“….the time is now ….”